How do I cite a figure in AMA format?

How do I cite a figure in AMA format? I have two figures in my document, but I don't know how to cite them. Is it just (last name, year)? Also I have to crop out the original document's title, figure number, and the description they left underneath (I think?). How do I format this in Word without it affecting the format of the rest of the paper?


The library provides access to the AMA Manual of Style on our home page under "How to write a reference". In AMA you do not use the (author, date) style, instead you number each citation. You can find a link on the library's home page for the online AMA style guide. Once there, can search for "figures" in the search box or go to the table of contents. The section that is most relevant to your question is 4.2.9 Figures Reproduced or Adapted from Other Sources (see attached PDF). 

As I am interpreting the instructions, you name the original source in the legend (description under the figure), you cite it (assign it a number) and provide a reference for it in your numbered reference list. You can say: Figure Reproduced from.... 

 If you've already cited from the article where the figure is found, use the number it's already been given, otherwise give it the next number sequentially. 

You will want to crop out the title, figure number, and the legend and name your figures figure one and figure two. You can refer to them as figure one and figure two in the body of your paper if you discuss them.  

As for the formatting,  I would work on adding the figures in at the end so that you don't have to keep reformatting as you make edits. 

Good luck! 

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