Q. How do I search for the use of a nomogram on PubMed?

I was given the following instructions: Using PubMed and IPA, conduct a search to determine whether or not a subsequent study evaluated using the nomogram.
How would I go about doing this, and what search terms would I use?


Construct your searches in PubMed and IPA based on the topic of the nomogram.  One of your search terms will be the disease state that the nomogram is used for.  If the nomogram is looking at a particular drug, then include the drug name in your search.  If the nomogram is looking at pharmacotherapy in general, then consider including 'drug therapy' or 'therapy'. 

Other terms you may try including in your search are the last name of the first author who created the nomogram or the word 'nomogram'.  These may appear in the abstract of an article, in which case PubMed and IPA should find them.  However, you can't count on this search working because an article might discuss a particular nomogram without mentioning that fact in the abstract, and PubMed and IPA don't search the articles, only their abstracts.

When you look at your results, keep in mind that you probably are only interested in articles published after the nomogram was published. 


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