Q. I can't access an article (that I found in PubMed) from the "find full text at USciences" icon.

When I click it, it just drops me back into PubMed but the article isn't there. Here is the citation:

Flórez, Gerardo, Pilar A. Saiz, Paz García-Portilla, Sandra Álvarez, Luis Nogueiras, and Julio Bobes. "Topiramate for the treatment of alcohol dependence: comparison with naltrexone." European Addiction Research 17, no. 1 (2010): 29-36.



This article is from Pubmed Central. When you look up this title in Our Journal List, you'll see a note which says ( NIH Selected Articles ), ie, some are not available from NIH. Sorry for any confusion, but that is why you can't access this paper.

However, try looking for it using our Google Scholar link. Once you find the citation, click the link just below it that says "All x Versions". Here you'll find other places to access this article.

This trick works now and then, so it's worth trying before you place an ILLiad request.

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