Q. Looking for information on Nitroxoline.

I have a citation from RTECS, but I can't find the paper it refers to in the source.


Hi Kevin,

It turns out the citation is correct after all, although your RTECS citation refers to an abstract that was reported in conference proceedings, and not to a paper of any length. Also, Nitroxoline was referred to by a different name in the abstract: 5-Nitro-8-hydroxyquinoline. So, fair warning: the abstract is only about fifteen lines long. In the list of abstracts, it is #28. Here is what the proposed paper is called:


Malignant Neoplasia in the Rat following Administration of 5-Nitro-8-hydroxyquinoline.

R. A. Hall and P. Martorana, Pathology Dept, Charles E. Frosst and Company, Montreal, Canada.


If you still wanted to order the abstract, you’d want to use this info:

Journal: Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

Title: “Abstracts of Papers for the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology, Williamsburg, VA, March 14-16, 1966.”

Volume 8 /page 334-364 /year 1966

(If you want just the one abstract, you should change the page numbers to 343-344 only. Otherwise, you will get all of the abstracts presented at that conference.)


Here is some other info that was found that may interest you:


1) As listed in the 14th ed. of the Merck manual, there is a tox study on this drug from 1972. We no longer have it here, but this is the citation:

Toxicological Study: O. Angelova et al., Adv. Antimicrob. Antineoplast. Chemother., Proceedings 7th Intl. Congress Chemotherapy. 1, 507 (1972)


2) I’m attaching a .pdf file of a list of citations. These were found searching SciFinder by Chemical Substance ID  “nitroxoline”.  There were only 400 citations, which were then limited to “Adverse effect, including toxicity”, which reduced the list to 11. (Note that number 7 is the same as the citation I noted above, although the year is different; Number 8 is the same citation, presented in Bulgarian).

I hope this is helpful.



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