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Neither Ovid nor ProQuest will return the article after I successfully log in to Nature and search on doi:10.1038/nature10983. What am I doing wrong?

When I enter the DOI into Google it returns the abstract and an invitation to purchase the article. Why can't I get it directly from the journal? Thanks.
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2014  |  79 Views

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Although most journal articles have DOI's, not all databases include them in their records and indexes.  I suggest that you search on the title or the author of the paper you are looking for, or drill down through the volumes/issues menus to the appropriate one for the article.

If you use our link to Google Scholar, you will get links to our articles in your search results.  Our link is on our Databases A-Z page,

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Other Answers / Comments (3)

  1. Google Scholar did not recognize the DOI. I used the Google Scholar "search on the Web" feature and got the Nature page that offers to sell me a reprint. Nature's website recognizes the DOI, and I'm surprised Google Scholar doesn't. Still frustrated, but thanks for trying.
    by Stefan Schuber on Apr 23, 2012.
  2. It seems that your article has been published online, but not yet in the print editions of Nature. Our online subscriptions provide electronic copies of what's been published in print. This may also account for why the article is not recognized in Google Scholar. I don't see an indication of an intended date for print publication, but I don't know from that that the article won't be published in print.
    by Carl Anderson on Apr 23, 2012.
  3. Thanks. I'm surprised that several news sources have picked this up as a news story but the article itself seems not to be available to subscribers. Oh well ...
    by Stefan Schuber on Apr 24, 2012.

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