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I am looking for information about guarana.

Specifically, I'd like to confirm that it went out of production, and understand why this happened.

My research indicates that it was popular in the late 19th century, and popularity eventually waned in the early 20th century. I know that big companies like Parke Davis, Merck, maybe Squib, and H. K. Mulford (a Philadelphia based company) made it in the 1870's - ~1910's.
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I am following up with some more information that Stephen Buss (Reference & Emerging Technologies Librarian) and I found after you left.

The Review of Natural Products (RNP) monograph on guarana (which we located when you were in the library last Friday) indicates that guarana was included in the USP from 1880-1910.  A 1965 article from the Journal of Crude Drug Research (attached), referenced in the RNP monograph, indicates that, upon removal from the USP: U.S. Pharmacopeia, guarana was included in the National Formulary (NF) for a period of years thereafter.  The attached document Guarana-NF_1942.pdf is the guarana entry from the 7th NF (1942); once the 8th edition (1946) appeared, guarana had been removed (see the attached document Articles_removed_from_NF_1946_guarana.pdf for confirmation). 

Information about the decisions to change the USP listing would likely come directly from the US Pharmacopoeial Convention, either from abstracts of proceedings of their periodic conferences or from reports from the Committee of Revision.  The USP has its own history/information center that likely holds some or all of these documents and they answer public inquiries and welcome visitors.  Here is the link to the USP’s Information Center:  The webpage states they have holdings of the Proceedings of the convention meetings as well as the revision announcements that accompany each pharmacopoeia.  With any luck the staff of the Information Center will have saved the old documents from the 1910-1920 period, and from these you might gain further insights into why guarana was removed from the USP.

Good luck with your research, and please let us know if you have any follow-up questions.


p.s. - I have also included a screen capture of the contemporary listings for guarana that we looked at when you were here (Doc1.pdf).  

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