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How do I properly cite an article from the ACES website in the proper format with the given material?

I am in Chemistry 203 and starting in lab 3, we must cite 3 scientific journals related to the lab we have done in terms of the importance of the lab and its relations to real life. When looking up journals from the ACS website, I couldn't find specific ways to cite the journal such as the volume of the articles found. Without this, my references aspect of the lab report may lose points for such a mistake. So if you could inform not just me but everyone else in Chemistry 203 about this issue, that could help others in the field of Chemistry or another science.
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Articles in the ACS journals collections include the journal title, volume, and page numbers somewhere, either in the articles themselves or in the articles' menu entries.  Volume and page numbers are usually in the format xxx:yyy-yyy where xxx is the volume number and yyy-yyy are the page numbers.  Look for the volume and page numbers at the top or the bottom of each page.  If they are not there, look for the information on the article's first page, especially just before or after the article's abstract.  The volume and page numbers also appear on the menu page where you found the article.

If the article is very new, it may not have volume and page information, but it will have a date, a URL and a DOI.  For formatting the reference for such an article, see pages 318-319 in the chapter 'References' in the ACS Style Guide.  The chapter is in Part II of the book.  The book is available online from the library's How To Write A Reference page,  The library also has a print copy on reserve at the Circulation Desk.  (If you're not using the ACS Style Guide for your references, you will need to check the appropriate style guide for instructions.)

Let us know if there is particular article for which you need help in writing a reference--


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